Enriched Air Nitrox

Do your no-decompression limits stop you from staying under as long as you would like? Then welcome to one of our most popular specialties – the Enriched Air Nitrox course. Diving with enriched air nitrox lets you safely extend your no stop time beyond the no decompression limits for air.

Diving with enriched air means more time underwater – but you need to be certified as an Enriched Air Diver to get enriched air fills. Whether you’re into underwater photography or wreck diving, the Enriched Air Nitrox course helps you get more out of diving by giving you more time underwater.

Available with dives, or as a 'dry' course, the Nitrox course covers all the additional theory, equipment and practical knowledge you need to dive with Nitrox.

a diving cylinder with a Nirtox decal



  • Materials and Certification fee
  • 2 nights of free/discounted accommodation

The Nitorx course can also be added onto any other PADI course here at Alton's for just $135!

This includes materials, certification, Nitrox upgrade on 2 tanks and 1 free/discounted night of accommodation