Rescue Diver

Becoming a Rescue Diver is an important and crucial transitional step where you will start looking beyond purely recreational diving. You will expand your diving knowledge and experience, and learn to look beyond yourself to the safety and well being of other divers.This very enjoyable 3-day course is serious fun; it will improve your diving skills, your dive capabilities and strengthen your confidence in the water. And if you are thinking about progressing to the leadership level of Divemaster then this course is a necessary step.At Alton’s Dive Center we believe that our rescue courses are exceptionally good, over teaching in many areas through the course. Drawing on rescue techniques from a variety of areas and backgrounds while ensuring that we exceed the requirements of the standard PADI Rescue Diver training. We place a much stronger emphasis on managing rescue scenes, organizing and conducting searches for missing divers, and evacuation than you will traditionally find in a standard PADI Rescue course.

This Course Includes The Following:

  • self-rescue techniques,
  • problem prevention,
  • surface rescues,
  • underwater rescues,
  • missing diver response,
  • search pattern practice,
  • oxygen administration,
  • in-water resuscitation,
  • diver exits and carrying techniques,
  • first aid for pressure related injuries

Structured in three main parts you will start off covering rescue diver theory with your instructor. This is a great opportunity for you to draw on your instructor’s experience and discuss some of the wider issues as well as covering the required curriculum.  The theory and classroom portion is typically split into two or three sessions and will include emergency oxygen administration.

Confined water skills practice is two 3 to 4 hour sessions where basic self rescue, swimmer rescue and diver rescue skills are introduced and practiced including raising an unconscious diver and two or three techniques for in-water resuscitation.  You’ll also practice search patterns and egresses to boats.

Out on the boat you’ll put into practice what you have been learning in the classroom and in confined water training. Through a number of scenarios you’ll have a chance to put everything together. The scenarios you will play out to completion from reacting to a dive emergency, rescuing, assisting and transporting, managing the boat and accident scene, basic life support in a variety of underwater, surface, and boat related incidents.

Course assistants will role play victims and your will be their rescuer while your instructor will advise, coach, and debrief as appropriate.

A huge amount of fun as well as a strong course, you will learn a lot, feel challenged and become a more confident well rounded diver.

What Does It Cost?

Total cost: US$350 (including all taxes and local fees)

Includes: 2 dives over 3 days (plus 2 free fun dives!)


Prices are subject to change, please contact us for for further details.

Included In The Course:

  • Tuition and Manuals
  • Equipment Rental
  • Two Free Fun Dives
  • Free use of Kayak Equipment
  • Free Wifi