Welcome to Alton’s Dive Center Divemaster Training

The most complete Divemaster Training in the Honduras Bay Islands.

Considering a move to the professional level of diving clearly means that you are a motivated and enthusiastic diver. You will find professional training both challenging and rewarding and can open the door to a career break or career change. We recognize that your divemaster training is more than simply another certification. To be a successful divemaster in today’s competitive dive industry you will need to be knowledgeable, flexible, experienced, and skillful. At Alton’s we aim to deliver all of this and more, and those of you who have been diving with us before will know all about our famous welcoming and friendly atmosphere. You’ll find all the details here in these pages.

At Alton’s Dive Center we believe that the combination of training with experienced instructors, in a lively and busy dive shop with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, together with Utila’s world class diving, is unbeatable.

The divemaster certification is the first step on the way to become a dive professional. As a certified and active dive master you are able to work in a number of areas including leading scuba divers on dives, conduct scuba review or refresher programs for certified divers, assist instructors in all training courses up to and including dive master itself. Working on live aboards, dive resorts, and at dive centers around the world becomes a realistic possibility. And of course you always have the opportunity to work with us after you have completed your training – we look to our own divemaster program for divemasters who wish to work with us on completion of their course. Our philosophy is that we require a professional level of service for our fun divers and we believe that it is only fair to pay those divemasters for that work. As a consequence we have one of the best, if not the best, fun diver service on the island. This gives you a great opportunity to kick off your dive career and also help you to cover your expenses as you gain experience.

Even if you don’t wish to work with us after your training all the divemaster packages come with Alton’s Divemaster Experience Program and cost price specialties to help boost your experience level and your diving resumé.

As a divemaster in training we want you to get as much experience as possible. Rather than simply deliver the required training we also offer you as many dives for free as you can fit in around your scheduled training. So if you are doing nothing else and there is available space then buddy up with another divemaster and go diving!

And let’s not forget that it is a lot of fun to train as Divemaster. At Alton’s not only do we aim to deliver the highest quality and most complete professional training, we also aim to give you a good time in the process!

How Much Does It Cost:

US$2000 (including taxes)

Included In The Course:

The Divemaster Course is highly customisable and packages can be arranged to suit your needs. Please Contact Us for more information.

  • Divemaster training
  • PADI Crew pack (retail value $360),
  • Cost price specialties
  • Full equipment rental
  • Free fun diving for up to 3 months
  • Free rental of our kayak gear to explore the local reefs and lagoons independently.


Additional Costs:

  • Medical: Can be obtained from your doctor, or you can visit the doctor here ($15)
  • PADI Certification Fee: You pay this to PADI to get your Divemaster credentials. This changes yearly.


Email us to make a reservation.