Trip Diving

Trip Diving

A view of Cayos Cochinos

We love to organize full day trips to take in the best dive sites Utila has to offer and the beautiful Cayos Cochinos Archipelago and Marine Reserve. We regularly dive open ocean sites on these trips that nobody else visits. Our custom built boats have been designed with full day trips in mind, making safety and comfort a priority. With lunch provided on the boat a full day trip allows your group to run the day. Full day trips give your day a flexibility that is otherwise difficult to find. Between dives we can look for whale sharks and dolphins, snorkel the reef or relax on the boat and top up that tan or we can stop at the Utila Cays for a little beach time and beach BBQ. These days can be tailored to your interests and we can advise on the dive sites and create an itinerary for the day that is right for you.

We also organize whale shark safari trips to maximize your whale shark encounter time. When the sharks are here we will always take the time to look for them during dive surface intervals. If we know there are whale sharks present we can organize a whale shark safari trip to take

Preparing from fresh coconuts on a dive trip

an afternoon or morning to go looking for whale sharks. These two to three hour trips can put you in the sea with the biggest of fish many times and often can turn up other big pelagics including Pilot Whales, Sperm Whales, Blue Marlin and Dolphins.

Dive to the limit of your training and experience. We recognize that divers have a whole range of experience and to reflect that we split our diver groups by certification and experience levels as required, which means that as someone with more experience you will not be placed in a group with new divers enabling you to get the most from your fun dives.

Newly added to our trip dives is the “Best of Utila Tour” We will take you to the best of Utila’s dive sites. We will visit Turtle Harbor Marine Reserve to make our first dive and can travel right around the island to stop at the little fishing community on Pigeon Cay for a late breakfast during our surface interval, afterwards maybe making a dive at Stingray Point.

We believe diving should be comfortable and safe with which is why we have a wide range of well maintained equipment. If you have your own equipment we can provide storage. We also know that newer divers may not have invested in their own gear yet or you may be bringing friends who do not have their own. We have a full range of rental gear with wet suits, BCDs and fins in a range of sizes from XS to XXL. All our prices include any gear that you might need to use.

Comfortable easy access dive boats designed with the diver in mind. Easy access to the water (and the boat again after!), fully equipped with DAN O2 Oxygen kits, first aid, VHF radios, GPS, etc. Our new range of boats for 2008 will keep you comfortable and safe.

You can expect full dive briefings and debriefings including creature identification to as much detail as you want.

A very social and fun environment with a beautiful sundeck and shady hammock space, a small cafe/bar area which sells breakfasts, lunches, coffee, cold drinks, and evening BBQs.

For accommodation we can offer cheap & basic through to luxury waterfront hotel or any combination.


We customize our trips based on what you want to see, every trip is a unique experience. Contact us to find about any planned trips coming up or to request a trip of your choosing.